Indranil Bandyopadhyay, CTO Nedbank Insurance, shares his experience on how TCS BaNCS for Insurance transformed their business and enabled them to address customer needs in a better way.

Indranil says “In the past, we had disparate systems looking at our policy administration and claims. The systems didn’t talk to each other and that created issues in terms of serving clients. Since we have put TCS BaNCS, it is in one system. The whole holistic life cycle of the policy holder, especially around the claims experience has gone very well. Now, we can see the policy history, policy holdings, exclusions and inclusions that helps in servicing our clients in a much better way.”

He further explains, “One of the advantages of TCS BaNCS is its configurational ability that has translated well in terms of reaching to customers and reacting to their needs in much quicker way. We have launched a personal accident product within eight weeks, in the past we couldn’t have done that. The scalability and configurability of the system has helped us in reacting to a need for market place.”

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