Thomas Fink, TCS Financial Solutions

In June 2011, PostFinance, one of Switzerland’s leading financial institutions, announced that it would modernize its operations with TCS BaNCS. At the time, the organization had been running on two separate legacy platforms: one solution for core banking, and the other for treasury operations, including foreign exchange, money market and medium-term bond transactions.

By migrating both areas of the business onto TCS BaNCS, PostFinance intended to reduce the number of interfaces while providing uninterrupted operations for its retail and business customers. “Our primary goal was the seamless continuation of the business for our customers” said Ivo Ledergerber, Foreign Exchange Trading, PostFinance.

The project team from PostFinance consisted of 10 employees, including two employees from the treasury business. “After an initial period of getting to know the TCS employees – and getting used to communicating in English – the levels of cooperation in the team developed fantastically,” said Ledergerber. “The onsite presence of TCS as well as visits to the development center in Bangalore helped to create a common understanding.”

The banking, treasury and foreign exchange domain expertise of the TCS resources also contributed to the success of the project. “We were continuously challenged with pin-pointed questions and suggestions,” said Ledergerber. The close partnership between PostFinance and TCS enabled the combined team to execute a rapid transition to the comprehensive TCS BaNCS solution in April 2014. “We were able to execute the complete implementation during one release weekend,” said Ledergerber. “All of the services that we offer were available to our customers, without fail, that Monday morning.”

Stability and Speed

PostFinance maintains a standard implementation of TCS BaNCS in order to facilitate the rapid deployment of future software releases. At the same time, PostFinance has developed a small number of add-on capabilities to support specialty lines of business. “We are convinced that we are going to achieve our business goals with TCS BaNCS,” says Ledergerber. “Our systems run faster and they are more stable now—since the ‘Go-Live,’ we haven’t had a single service interruption,” adds Ledergerber.

The TCS BaNCS solution also improves the level of usability for PostFinance and its customers. Through an easy-to-use user interface, bank employees can access higher levels of detail than previous solutions, perform complex operations that were previously difficult to manage, and establish better controls over access permissions.

In addition, the flexibility of TCS BaNCS expands the possibility for product-line extensions. In the coming years, PostFinance expects to continue drawing upon the global experience and industry knowledge of the TCS team.

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