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We find a strong partner in TCS Financial Solutions because they possess a truly wide set of proven products and share a good track record of working together

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Business Solution

Financial institutions today are looking for a solution that is cost-effective, flexible and quick to deploy, with minimal changes required to existing applications.

Further, they also face the following challenges:

    • Need for a high-performance, one-stop-solution for seamless integration
    • Integration across heterogeneous IT systems – ranging from legacy  to Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)
    • Single point of integration with standard feeds, messaging networks and market infrastructure
    • High STP rates and a unified view to customers
    • Easy-to-implement technology that offers quick-to-market solutions

Service Integrator from TCS BaNCS – For rapid integration

The Service Integrator solution from TCS BaNCS is a simple and flexible solution that integrates systems with minimal changes for existing applications, supports technologies- old and new, supports financial messaging standards and is cost-effective. It is backed by TCS vast integration experience of implementing the comprehensive solution suite of TCS BaNCS for the entire financial services domain.



Some of the key features of Service Integrator are:

    • In-built adaptors, diverse protocol handlers, and easy-to-use rules definition framework, enabling rapid integration with:
        • Financial networks such as SWIFT, FIX, Link Up Markets
        • Feeds such as Reuters, Bloomberg, Telekurs
        • Clearing and settlement systems
        • In-house systems
    • Browser-based user interface with dashboards, widgets, wizard, extensive searches and rules configuration  to define, monitor and manage integration
    • Continuous support for releases from market-standard networks
    • High STP rates through extensive exceptions handling and recovery capabilities
    • Capability to define, expose and monitor web services to facilitate SOA enablement
    • State-of-the-art architecture based on Java and XML frameworks that allow faster training and adoption

To know how our Service Integrator solution can help you experience certainty, please download the Service Integrator brochure or write to us at

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