Digitization of the global economy is progressing at a furious pace. Large parts of the economic supply chain, which were manual, are now getting automated; and, those already automated are getting autonomous. At the core of the digital wave, lie data and networks. The ability to leverage data and the power of networks are crucial to those who wish to ride the digital wave or derive sustained economic value, as traditional business value creation chains are constantly getting disrupted.

Our own evolution at TCS BaNCS and our forward looking product strategy revolves around these themes of data and networks to a large degree while, at the same time, we continue with our investments in traditional core transaction processing capabilities in line with market and regulatory expectations.

Data is the fuel of the digital economy. The ability to process data of various types to provide insights, intelligence and intuition are going to be key differentiators in the future. One of the most powerful manifestations of the power of data is Artificial Intelligence (AI), which is slowly but surely occupying center stage in organizational strategies. While AI as a field of research has existed for decades, it is with the ever increasing power to process disparate types of structured and unstructured data in large volumes and in real time, that AI has “come of age” and is finding application at scale.

This edition of the TCS BaNCS Research Journal brings you a collection of viewpoints and articles, which shine the spotlight on specific topics encompassing AI, blockchain and analytics. Insights into regulatory compliance, data privacy and security that we have presented here endeavor to present the risk angle in perspective.

Enjoy the read.

You can also view the online version of the research journal here.

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