Manama, Bahrain

What impressed me about the TCS solution was the delivery methodology, the modularity of the system and the flexibility in designing products

– Bahrain National Insurance


Business Solution

Taking the complexity out of insurance

The Reinsurance solution from TCS BaNCS, an integral part of the comprehensive insurance suite from TCS, helps you refine your reinsurance placement and pricing capabilities.

It can manage a wide range of complex reinsurance contracts involving multiple ceding criteria and mitigate the risks, thereby, delivering comprehensive protection.


Simplifying insurance processes

The Reinsurance solution comes with a host of industry-standard best practices and a user-friendly interface. It is flexible in that is allows insurers to accommodate specific business needs in ceded and assumed reinsurance and retrocession scenarios.

It protects reinsurers’ portfolios from catastrophic exposures and random fluctuations, while maintaining a healthy loss ratio. Its parameter-driven solution can establish and update business processes, eliminating of complicated and time-consuming processes.

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