This edition of the newsletter marks the 10th anniversary of TCS BaNCS covering the below

  • In the UK, London Mutual Credit Union and Community Savings Bank Association have both gone live on one of our new products, TCS BaNCS on the Cloud. We also profile three of our most recent China success stories, where TCS BaNCS is being deployed from rural areas to the largest cities.
  • Our extended case study on South Africa’s Nedbank Insurance, the world’s first insurer to support complex products across life insurance, commercial lines, and personal lines on a single, integrated platform.
  • We have two big announcements: Bank Yahav in Israel has gone live on TCS BaNCS for its entire operations, and Mercantile Bank in South Africa has deployed TCS BaNCS Digital for retail and business banking clients.
  • Plus, we have two exciting product announcements to share: TCS BaNCS on the Cloud with applications that include core banking, capital markets, and corporate actions; our new blockchain platform Quartz; and BaNCS Application Development Kit.
  • Finally, we are pleased to welcome our new leadership team, Venkat and Vivek (“V2”) whom we hope you will have the pleasure to meet at upcoming events.

Enjoy the read.

You can also view the online version of the newsletter here.

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