The 23rd edition of TCS BaNCS Newsletter is a special report on TCS BaNCS Digital covering insights, launch of TCS BaNCS Digital, snapshot from the World Economic Forum, Cash Asia Program going live at Societe Generale, cover stories from HDFC Securities Ltd, New India Assurance and many more.

The newsletter includes the following:

  • Hyper-Contextualization: How to provide customers with relevant, in-context information that captures their imaginations
  • HDFC Securities Limited: Pioneering online brokerage supports massive growth trend with TCS
  • New India Assurance: TCS BaNCS powers technological transformation for India’s largest general insurer
  • Shift Digital: Introducing TCS BaNCS Digital, a new approach to deploying financial services apps
  • Chandra @ Davos: N Chandrasekaran, CEO and Managing Director of TCS, at the World Economic Forum
  • The Regulatory Agenda for 2015: Key focus areas in U.S. regulation including mortgage lending and overdraft protection
  • TCS and Intel: TCS BaNCS clients achieve ultra-low latency using capabilities of Intel® Xeon®
  • Australian Banking + Finance: TCS sponsors high-level roundtable for Australia’s banking leaders
  • Global Custodian: TCS BaNCS wins award for best custody solution
  • TCS BaNCS Customer Forum: Shared success stories and the launch of TCS BaNCS Digital at annual event
  • FT-TCS BaNCS Financial Leaders: Executives from PayPal, MIT, Bank of America, HSBC and TCS discuss new technology
  • Societe Generale Go-Live: Bank modernizes cash management business with TCS BaNCS ‘model bank’ approach
  • NEWS – 10-Year Milestone at Arab Bank Australia, Credit Union Awards, BAI Retail Delivery, Strate expands with TCS and NEST reaches one-million-member-mark

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