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With only three months to build an entire brokerage, TCS overcame many operational, technical and market structure reforms related challenges to enable us to go live on TCS BaNCS

– AYAtrust Securities Company


Business Solution

Enabling efficient trade processing

The increasing use of smartphones and tablets is transforming the way in which investors access the Web and trade today. The challenge lies in accommodating diverse mobile devices and form factors to keep up with the pace of development of new mobile platforms.

There is an increased demand for analytics and actionable data based on social media sentiments and technical-pattern detection tools from retail investors. Also, on the institutional side, rapid adoption of algorithmic trading and co-location facilities are driving the race towards low latency platforms.

TCS BaNCS for Securities Trading is a multi-market, multi-asset trading solution that can be deployed as an integrated front-to- back-office solution with TCS BaNCS for Securities Processing, or on a standalone basis integrating with third party, back-office systems. The solution’s modular nature allows for independent components to be deployed independently. All channels (internet, mobile/tablets) are based on a responsive web design.


Multi-asset, multi-market trading

TCS BaNCS for Securities Trading supports different execution types such as worked orders, Direct Market Access and algorithmic trading. The use of in-memory architecture and high performance computing principles has enabled low latency levels. The solution can accelerate business growth through: 

    • Increased trade efficiency and control –Supports all types of executions, increasing dealer productivity and efficiency
    • Superior risk management –Limits overall exposure via pre-trade validation for buying power limits and effective order–level risk management
    • Informed decision-making –Supports advanced trading and decision features over multiple channels, enabling investors to trade profitably
    • Glocalized trading –Flexibility to connect to buy-and sell-side order routing networks to speed up access across markets. 

To know more about this solution, download the Securities Trading brochure or write to us at tcs.bancs@tcs.com.

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