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Blockchain today is fostering collaboration between multiple organizations in a value chain, eliminating redundancies, reducing risk and time. It is being explored in areas as varied as digital identities and registries, payments, clearing and settlement and information exchange. Industry consortia and technology companies are actively working together to encourage blockchain adoption, aiming for cost optimization, reduction of redundancies, and improvement of process efficiencies.

Quartz is targeted at helping the entire – financial industry – commercial and private banks, market infrastructure institutions, custodians, insurance companies, asset and wealth management firms, registrars and transfer agents leverage blockchain. It aims to reduce duplication, build trust, and encourage collaboration in order to help drive business value and improve efficiencies.

Why Quartz

The Quartz solution comprises:

  • Quartz Smart Solutions: Complete solutions with business (domain) aware “Smart Contracts” that help drive processing on the blockchain platform. A Smart contract is ‘self-executable’ software that is stored in the platform and triggered either as a result of specific events occurring within the platform, or a result of pre-configured rules that are programmed into these contracts
  • Blockchain enabled solutions: Our solutions have been enhanced in order to embed ‘blockchain awareness’ into these solutions. With this strategy, existing customers have the power to integrate with blockchain platforms, to publish and consume information
  • Quartz Gateway: The Quartz Gateway is a single, smart channel that can help integrate with third-party solutions with various blockchain platforms and technologies
  • Quartz DevKit: The Quartz DevKit is designed to help developers who are part of an IT team to introduce blockchain into their business processes, and generate, compile, package, and deploy business code on the blockchain platform
  • Networks and Ecosystems: Blockchain has the power to bring organizations together, by creating eco-systems that amplify the value delivered by each of these organizations on a stand-alone basis. Quartz can help organizations in the creation of such industry networks and ecosystems, and facilitate easy connectivity to them

With Quartz solution, your organization can:

  • Process and settle transactions real-time (T+0)
  • Automate business processes and functions with Smart Contracts
  • Eliminate data duplication and associated reconciliation issues
  • Ensure data integrity with cryptographic encryption of data, making it immutable
  • Restrict access (private permissioned ledger) to ensure greater security
  • Help integrate existing/legacy systems with blockchain solutions

To know more about this solution, download the Quartz – Blockchain Solutions brochure.

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