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The commitment that was shown from TCS BaNCS to address the challenges, to address the changes that we need to make in the core system to take on the custody business, is where I saw the leadership

– Standard Chartered


Business Solution

Streamline your Custody Operations

The custodian market continues its transformation spree that commenced over the last decade, with newer challenges becoming a necessary corollary. The foremost challenge for you is the ability to offer a comprehensive range of custody services while maintaining a balance with technological trends.

There is a need for you to adapt to new technology and processes by re-engineering systems to accommodate transaction processing and hit higher levels of STP to increase operational efficiencies.

The TCS BaNCS for Custody solution is a SWIFTReady highly scalable processing infrastructure, with a robust trade, corporate actions, and cash processing platform which is focused on real-time processing. The enhanced and futuristic functionalities enables you to scale significantly for multi-entity deployments and processing.


Scaling up to a new level of efficiency in custody operations

The TCS BaNCS for Custody solution, fully compliant to ISO 15022/20022 standards, provides you with the flexibility to handle further growth in business while keeping abreast with latest technology and dynamic nature of market standards. The solution offers a wide array of benefits: 

SWIFT Certified Application Securities Settlement 2018_mail

    • Enhances transaction processing – enables you to offer superior services by providing timely and accurate information and execution at high levels of STP 
    • Direct connectivity with local CSD/ICSD – facilitates smooth integration with external market infrastructure with the help of the service integrator solution from TCS BaNCS
    • Automation of end-to-end corporate actions processing – ensures minimal manual intervention, thus mitigating risk
    • Global coverage – comprehensive event type and market coverage for multiple markets
    • Modular architecture and rule driven business processes – ensures a high degree of reusability to cater to new markets which in turn leads to speedy time-to-market.

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