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TCS BaNCS has helped automate 90% of end-to-end processing for mandatory events and 75% for voluntary events

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De-risk corporate actions processing

Processing Corporate Actions (CA) is a complex activity, fraught with problems such as constantly changing event details, actions which contain exception to the general rules and different processing rules across markets. All these factors make standardisation difficult. Additionally, voluntary corporate actions processing is deadline-driven and involves several intermediaries, collecting and processing responses from investment managers, and subsequent delivery of these responses as instructions to depositories or sub-custodians that has a high degree of risk.


Automating and expediting corporate actions

The Corporate Actions solution from TCS BaNCS is an industry-leading, SWIFT 2018 certified solution that automates end-to-end corporate actions and income processing. The solution empowers leading customer institutions across the globe, in mature and emerging markets, and provides processing capabilities to fit into each organization’s business model.

    • Automation of end-to-end processing of corporate actions – ensures minimal manual intervention, thus mitigating the risk involved in corporate actions processing
    • Multiple corporate actions announcements formats – helps in securing a clean ‘Golden Copy’ as per market rules, for a complete downstream corporate action processing
    • Scalable architecture – ensures that organizations are always geared for growth and to manage increased business volumes and complexities
    • Global coverage – comprehensive event type and market coverage for multiple markets

Advanced features for speedy corporate actions processing

The Corporate Actions solution from TCS BaNCS gives firms 

SWIFT Certified Application Corporate Actions 2018_mail

    • End-to-end Corporate Actions processing for a wide range of events covering 70+ event types
    • Rule-based processing enabling high levels of STP thereby enhancing operational efficiency
    • Multi-entity, multi-lingual, multi-currency, multi-market processing capabilities
    • Comprehensive and highly intuitive web-based portal for enabling individual clients, advisors, portfolio managers, traders to manage their elections for choice events

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