Business Solution

Extracting Value from Analytics

TCS BaNCS OPTiX offers advanced predictive and prescriptive analytical models that provide a comprehensive view of a bank’s customer, the bank as an enterprise, and the larger ecosystem it is part of.

The solution’s recommendation engine coupled with segment analysis, CLTV (Customer Lifetime Value), survival rates, market basket analysis, and uplift modelling empowers a bank to position the most viable offering to its customer.

Contextualizing output right from the prediction of churn, account reactivation, and CLTV, it can target customers that have the best probability of retention with the highest returns.


Enhancing customer experience through descriptive and predictive insights

TCS BaNCS OPTiX can help your bank with:

  • Descriptive, predictive and diagnostic insights 
  • Contextual information about customer behavior 
  • Predictive models describing the “next best product”
  • Channel performance reports
  • Focused cross- and up-selling 
  • Improved risk identification
  • Better cash management
  • A 360º view of the customer and the bank

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