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TCS BaNCS Digital is easy to use, secure, agile and flows intuitively, which makes it a great user experience-based banking platform

– Mercantile Bank


Business Solution

Accelerate Digital Transformation with TCS BaNCS Digital

Delivering a superior experience on digital channels has now become a differentiator for banks worldwide.

Having a single digital banking solution that services all devices thereby reducing maintenance and development costs is critical. What banks need is a solution that is secure, offering a consistent experience across channels and devices while it also provides insights needed for intelligent decision-making.

TCS BaNCS Digital is an enterprise wide solution that enables your bank to give your customers the flexibility and convenience of managing their finances anywhere. The solution is easily deployable and scalable and caters to retail and corporate banking (focused on small and medium businesses (SMBs)), securities trading and wealth management. The solution includes a host of consumer and enterprise apps, and is based on a hybrid architecture and responsive web design and integrates social media and real-time analytics.


Enhancing customer experience with TCS BaNCS Digital

To support your bank in its digital transformation, TCS BaNCS offers you components covering:

With TCS BaNCS Digital, you can gain the following benefits:

    • Consistent and Integrated Digital Strategy – the solution’s channel agnostic customer experience ensures that customers can commence, continue and complete transactions across channels
    • Superior Customer Engagement – offers multiple user experiences for target customer segments that can be optimized for different devices, through responsive and adaptive design
    • Compatible with Third-Party Applications – integrates with TCS BaNCS for Core Banking and third-party solutions, and is compatible with multiple protocols and services
    • Support for Banking Operations – offers remote check deposits, real-time transfers and payments, and enables origination of products and services for existing and new customers

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