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The frequency and comfort level of cloud and SaaS usage in the market is growing with many core processes in the banking and financial services industry migrating to this technology. With the right IT resources, banks can deliver true business value and enhance their ability to respond to changing business requirements and ever-more discerning customers.

Preparing your enterprise to connect to anything, anywhere

With TCS BaNCS Cloud, you are tapping into years of domain expertise gained from providing fail-proof solutions to more than 400 financial institutions worldwide.

TCS BaNCS Cloud can free your organization from managing server and system software. The platform can be continuously upgraded for market readiness, and its proven application architecture ensures scalability, resilience and high performance.


TCS BaNCS Cloud – Increasing Flexibility and Agility.

The solution has been designed and developed from our deep knowledge of financial services, banks’ internal policies, governance and financial services compliance, including specific security/privacy needs.

TCS BaNCS Cloud will be offering you the following benefits:

    • Reduce IT complexity and lower costs through automated infrastructure provisioning
    • Lower capital expenditure and predictable OpEx
    • Achieve high STP rates
    • Assure security and business continuity
    • Standard interfaces for rapid integration with enterprise services
    • Standardized data migration suites
    • Track and control operational risk through dashboards
    • Adapt to changing business needs using the TCS BaNCS rule-driven business engine
    • Integrate workflow-based user actions

TCS BaNCS operational procedures and infrastructure are transparent, audited and comply with financial services firms’ stringent requirements. With TCS BaNCS, your firms can benefit with:

    • No single point failure – Strong architecture and network capability for all critical areas
    • Automated failover provisions and robust disaster recovery mechanisms
    • Pooled infrastructure – Minimal to zero capital investments 

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