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– Mercantile Bank


Business Solution

Move to streamlined, end-to-end reconciliations

The reconciliations process today is such that financial institutions need to interface with a multitude of applications. Each of these applications reports data in multiple ways, with no standardization. Compliance requirements dictate that financial institutions revisit reconciliations management and processing. What they need is a solution that provides real-time reconciliations on a single, centralized platform.

TCS BaNCS for Reconciliations manages a range of transactions emanating from a wide range of assets across multiple market segments and is integrated with the TCS BaNCS suite of solutions. It is platform agnostic, highly reliable and scalable.


Transforming the reconciliations lifecycle

The solution has:

    • The ability to schedule matching based on expected feed time
    • The ability to support assignment of work units across users, giving one a view of only the data assigned to work on
    • Proven architecture that ensures checks and audits are in place for every user action
    • Ready interface to SWIFT for easier configuration and faster deployments

TCS BaNCS for Reconciliations automates, standardizes and streamlines the reconciliations process to help bring in increased efficiency and higher levels of control.

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