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TCS BaNCS Payments, with its modern architecture, has integrated well into the FNB environment

– First National Bank(FNB)


Business Solution

Accelerating payments processing

The Payments solution from TCS BaNCS enables institutions to efficiently manage their payments and cash management needs across multiple markets operating across time zones.

Our SWIFT-certified and gpi ready Payments solution from TCS BaNCS is an integrated multi-entity, multi-currency, multi-product and Straight Through Processing (STP)-oriented offering. This enables financial institutions to process multiple payments products on a common platform across countries.


Processing multiple payments across multiple platforms efficiently

Features of our Payments solution from TCS BaNCS include:

SWIFT CertifiedApplication Payments 2018_mail

    • Correspondent banking with complete coverage of SWIFT gpi including gCCT, gCOV and gSRP flows
    • Wire transfers
    • ACH processing
    • Direct debits
    • Electronic clearing and cash management. It enables future proofing through modern architecture with easy integration into the ecosystem leverage the vast range of available APIs.

SWIFT gpi Certified

With TCS BaNCS for Payments, our customers can create unique solutions with SWIFT gpi. TCS BaNCS leverages SWIFT gpi to enable same day and significantly faster processing of international payments.


With seamless integration into the tracker, our customers and their clients are provided with end-to-end visibility on the status of a payment transaction from when it is sent and until it is confirmed. Related interventions like stop or recall of payments are facilitated after the payment has left the bank’s shore. These new features provide superior liquidity and risk management to bank’s customers.

Real-time Payments Ready

TCS BaNCS supports real-time payments processing as it gets adopted into more and more markets and make the money available to beneficiary for use within a few seconds of customer making the payment request. TCS is implementing real-time payments solution in markets like India, Sweden and Europe with extensive configurability to manage differing scheme rules and formats. The API availability and real-time payments readiness ensures that TCS BaNCS for Payments can help banks reap benefits from the evolutions triggered by PSD2 as new ecosystems are created through third party platforms and fintech solutions.

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