Guiyang, China

TCS BaNCS system has taken a strong position to support China’s financial business market and is totally adaptable to China’s domestic banking requirements

– Guangdong Rural Credit Union (GDRCU)


Business Solution

Speeding up Loan Origination

The commercial lending business is witnessing an upward swing. Many financial institutions have returned to lending, resulting in increased competition. Lenders are facing challenges such as:

    • Non-existent or broken processes
    • Complex business rules
    • Disparate technology/legacy systems
    • Lack of consolidated data, rapid response to requests and transparency in assessment process

TCS BaNCS for Corporate Loan Origination (CLOS) enables end-to-end digitization in wholesale, commercial credit and loan origination through lean lending/credit approval processes and optimized workflows, thereby enhancing turnaround time, predictability, transparency and smarter decision-making.


Holistic Risk Assessment, Faster Turnaround

TCS BaNCS for Corporate Loan Origination provides:

    • Portfolio management
    • Risk assessment
    • Compliance with regulatory norms
    • Transparent lending process

The solution gives your business the scalability that it needs to cope with growing business volumes. The solution can help your financial institution with:

    • Faster responses to customer credit requests
    • Improved efficiency of lending operations and reduced costs
    • Superior customer experience
    • Increased policy compliance and reduced NPAs
    • Quicker deployment

With TCS BaNCS, your financial institution can enforce institution-wide standardization of the loan underwriting process, bringing in operational efficiency, transparency, accountability and confidentiality to the credit loan origination process on a single platform.

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