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TCS’ implementation experience across multiple markets; the high satisfaction levels of TCS BaNCS customers; and TCS BaNCS’ commitment to relevant product development and extensive support. It was only natural that TCS BaNCS would be our preferred solution of choice

– AmBank


Business Solution

Banking in compliance with Shariah laws

The Islamic Banking solution from TCS BaNCS ensures banking in compliance with Shariah laws.

Popular in Asia and the Middle East, Islamic Banking has made significant inroads into the financial sector. This growing trend can be attributed to various socio-demographic trends, including:

    • Growth of population in the Islamic community
    • Increased customer demand for Islamic Banking and financial products defined by the Islamic Shariah principles

The Islamic Banking solution from TCS BaNCS offers all benefits of diversification and a full range of banking products and services, supporting sophisticated and flexible product manufacturing processes that allow banks to build new products rapidly and well ahead of the competition.


Comprehensive solution for Islamic banking

Our Islamic Banking solution enhances Islamic product offerings like Murabaha, Musharaka, Istisna, Mudaraba, Ijara, as well as Takaful or insurance, offering:

    • Complete transaction life cycle support
    • Variety of deposits and financing arrangements
    • Range of foreign exchange activities, remittances, payment as well as card
    • 360-degree views of the customer as well as the bank
    • Enterprise-wide information relating to regulatory reporting, risk management and bank-wide reporting
    • Platform flexibility and unmatched scalability
    • Compliance with the Shariah law, AAOIFI accounting standards and IAS

To know more about this solution, please download the Islamic Banking brochure or write to us at tcs.bancs@tcs.com.

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