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Societe Generale looks at TCS as a strategic partner for the GTPS landscape and this relationship has also been proven with the successful implementation of Cash Asia platform

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Business Solution

Simplifying Cash Management with STP

A bank’s cash position is a better indicator of business health rather than its P&L statement. Efficient cash management can result in an intelligent forecasting of cash flows and a well-planned business strategy.

As a treasury manager, you need to manage cash balances, make crucial decisions about investments, monitor investments made, apart from ensuring ROI and optimal liquidity.

You also need to keep tabs on intra-day cash positioning, handle reconciliations, forecasting, netting, communicating and above all, being prepared for uncertainty and risk. A comprehensive cash management solution with optimized processes for Payments, Treasury and Risk Management can help make this easier.

Building on our experience working with leading financial institutions globally, TCS BaNCS can help you simplify Cash Management with Straight-Through-Processing (STP).


Real-time view into cash flow

The Cash management solution from TCS BaNCS has integrated, multi-entity, multi-currency, multi-product and multi-asset-class-enabled solution, with risk measurement capabilities. The solution is designed to help treasurers increase operational efficiency, reduce costs, improve liquidity, ensure compliance and enable accurate and intelligent decision-making.

Optimized payments

    • Consolidated payments hub with multi-entity, multi-product and multi-currency support
    • Superior STP rates on processing of payments with the ability to validate BIC and IBAN using SWIFT
    • Productivity tools such as widgets, dashboards, wizards and configurable work queues to manage exceptions
    • A variety of payment advices and reports (event and subscription-based)

Fortified treasury with improved operational efficiency

    • Personalized single work space to perform operations thereby reducing overall operational cost
    • Single-view of information which helps process a wide range of treasury products
    • Management dashboard for continuous risk oversight by top management
    • Flexible accounting and MIS provisions allow adequate support to comply with current regulatory norms

Enhanced credit risk management

Our Cash Management solution can offer you a reliable, verifiable and transparent view of credit risk data across source systems and trading platforms with an integrated, feature-rich UI platform for timely and continuous risk management.

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