TCS Summit Europe

Leadership in a Hyperconnected Age


Reimagine. Simplify. Govern.


Digitization and rapid advancements in technology are driving continuous waves of change in our world. Countries, governments, societies, businesses and individuals now operate in an increasingly Hyperconnectedworld. The ‘Internets of people, organizations and data’ are fast also being linked up to an ‘internet of things’, with over 50 billion interconnected devices expected by 2020. When emerging digital technologies and interconnected networks are harnessed in combined synergy, they can rapidly redefine what, when and how customers buy, in turn recasting the marketplace and remodeling entire industries.


As business leaders of this Hyperconnectedworld, we need to steward our companies through an era of unparalleled change and opportunity. There are three topmost priorities that every leader and management team must focus on to succeed. We must reimagine our businesses, simplify our operations and govern in the face of new evolving risks. The hyperconnectedage provides us a tremendous opportunity to do what we must do best. To Lead.




Glimpses from TCS Summit 2013