Digital Initiatives: Why They Matter

A majority of companies across the four regions regard their digital initiatives as very important. In fact, 70% of the respondents’ companies globally view these digital initiatives as of major importance or the most important factor in their financial success over the next five years. In contrast, just 3% said it was of little or no importance to financial success. (See Exhibit II-6)

In their own words: How executives expect digital initiatives to transform their businesses:

  • Nike Inc. CEO Mark Parker: “At Nike, digital is a powerful innovation engine. Our digital ecosystem has three components: consumer connections, ecommerce and digital products and services. … I continue to be incredibly bullish on digital’s potential to drive both innovation and strong growth for years to come.”10
  • From a senior executive at a major entertainment company whom we interviewed: “The mobile future is something we just need to understand and expect and
  • champion. The more we’re able to understand people’s needs, the more we’re able to make sure we can meet those…I think there is a lot that we can do.”
  • Art Peck, Gap Inc.’s president of growth, innovation and digital: “We have embraced technology as an important part of how people shop today and interact with our brands. We are leaders in bridging our physical stores with our innovative digital technology to make our customers’ shopping experience convenient.”11
  • Rosalind Brewer, president and CEO of Sam’s Club, Wal-Mart’s $57 billion warehouse club chain: “Currently, you can buy online and pick up in-club and have your delivery ready for you when you’re there. We think that there is more work to be done in that space where we combine what happens online and what happens in our club, so really making it easier for our members to access goods the way they want to access goods.”12

Exhibit ll-6: Digital Initiatives are Important to a Majority of Companies

Exhibit ll-6 Digital Initiatives are Important to a Majority of Companies

Asia Pacific - India, Japan, Australia
Digital initiatives: Where They Matter Most