North America – United States, Canada

Across North America, companies are building the core skills they’ll need to understand – and prioritize – what matters most to their customers. It’s perhaps not surprising that the data-gathering tools U.S. companies rely on the most are also the most familiar
(Exhibit II-2):

  • Slightly more than half, (55%) continually collect customer data through monitoring comments on social media sites
  • About half (49%) collect information via mobile apps on consumers’ devices
  • 45% rely on ‘other’ digital online connections to customers
  • 36% collect customer data by tracking the downloads of the digital products/services they sell
  • 17% retrieve the data through digital sensors they attach to their products, or through other digital devices that are attached or embedded in products they sell to customers

Exhibit II-2: How North American Companies are Making Digital Connections

Exhibit II-2 How North American Companies are Making Digital Connections

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