Digital Offerings by Region

Latin American and Asia-Pacific companies are more likely to have brought new digital products/services to market. (See Exhibit II-18.) In the U.S., 49% have brought new digitally based products or services to market; 52% have not. Canada is almost identical, with a 50-50 split. Overall in North America, 49% (yes), 51% (no). In Europe, the split is 56% versus 44%, with French companies having the widest divide: 65% (yes) versus 35% (no). Germany is the only European country surveyed where the ‘no’ respondents outweigh their ‘yes’ counterparts (60% versus 40%).

In Asia-Pacific, nearly three-quarters of companies (73%) report that they have brought out a new digital product or service – similar to Latin America, with 74%– compared to just 27% who report not having done so. India has the highest proportion of companies who claim to have done so, at 89%. But Brazil is not far behind, with 81% in the ‘yes’ camp.

Exhibit II-18: Regional Focus on Digital Offerings

Exhibit II-18 Regional Focus on Digital Offerings

Perhaps fueled by this country’s can-do attitude, North American companies estimate that they will generate more revenue in 2014 from those off rings than the other regions, averaging $266 million this year. In contrast, Latin American companies project generating $170 million from their digital products. (Exhibit II-19.)

Exhibit II-19: Revenue Projections from Digital Offerings by Region

Exhibit II-19 Revenue Projections from Digital Offerings by Region

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