The Online Survey

The online survey was fielded and completed by April 2014. In all, 6,599 managers attempted the survey from both business-to-business and business-to-consumer companies. We defined B2C companies as those deriving the majority of their revenue from products and/or services sold to end consumers. B2B companies were defined as those that derive the majority of their revenue from products and/or services that are purchased by other organizations.

We filtered out all but 820 of the more than 6,500 managers who took the survey because they a) were based in countries outside the 10 that we focused on, b) were from industries other than the 13 we targeted, c) worked with companies that had less than $500 million in parent company revenues (in North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific), d) were more than two levels down from a functional head, or e) had no role or little, if any, knowledge about their company’s digital initiatives.

Some 65% of the respondents were from B2C companies and 35% were from B2B companies. (Exhibit V-1.) Of the 529 respondents from B2C companies, 80% said they sold their offerings directly to consumers, while 20% sold their offerings indirectly to consumers (for example, through retailers).

Exhibit V-1: Split of B2C vs. B2B Survey Participants

Exhibit V-1 Split of B2C vs B2B Survey Participants

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