Workplace Environments

It is not enough for companies to have rich digital connections to customers, or to be able to deploy Big Data and analytics technologies to create meaning from the data that those digital connections generate. Companies must be able to get employees within and across functions to share those insights. When individuals or business functions hoard those insights, it limits how well other functions can resolve key customer issues – be they complaints or new needs going unfilled.

In comparing leaders and followers on several key aspects of their workplace environments, we saw distinct differences:

  • Leaders are much more likely to have an environment of transparency and openness (44% vs. 29%).
  • Leaders are more than twice as likely to have an environment of speed, one in which employees make things happen (38% vs. 18%).
  • Leaders are more likely to have employees who share information and feedback across the business (35% vs. 23%).

It’s clear that a majority of companies have much work to do to create the workplace environment that we believe is conducive to success in a digital world.

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