Twice the Number of Leaders Have Digital Offerings, and They’re More Lucrative

When we compared leaders and followers on whether their digital initiatives had brought new digitally based products or services to market, we found striking differences. The first was that a vast majority of leaders had brought such digital offerings to market – 89% — while only a minority of followers had done the same (48%). (Exhibit IV-5)

Exhibit IV-5: Most Leaders have Digital Offerings; most Followers do not

Exhibit IV-5 Most Leaders have Digital Offerings most Followers do not

Not only are the digital leaders more likely to have digital offerings, they also expect to generate more revenue from them – an average $422 million this year. (Exhibit IV-6) That is more than twice the followers’ expected 2014 revenue from their digital offerings ($187 million). (Average expected revenue this year from digital offerings of all survey participants was $234 million.)

Exhibit IV-6: Leaders’ Digital Offerings to Generate an Average $422 Million in 2014

Exhibit IV-6 Leaders Digital Offerings to Generate an Average 422 Milli

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