How Do Business Functions Make Use of Social Media and What Do They Get Out of It?

As we’ve shown in previous sections, the use of social media has not received equal attention by all key functions in a company. Section II illustrates that the marketing function view consumer comments in social media far more than any other function.

To get a deeper understanding of how a number of business functions (marketing, sales, customer service, R&D, finance, risk management, product management, distribution, and manufacturing and production) were or were not using social media, we asked respondents in each function two questions:

  • The extent to which they use social media to accomplish key goals for their function (scale of 1-5, from no extent to very high extent).
  • Their success in using social media to achieve those goals (scale of 1-5, from no benefits to very high benefits achieved).

The numbers that follow combine the functional responses on a global basis. We begin with marketing.

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