What Leaders in Social Media Do Better Than Followers

After comparing the responses of followers and leaders in social media to the other 24 questions in our survey, we found that leaders in social media differed in five primary ways:

  1. They have a much greater appreciation of the competitive potential of social media
    and how they should use it.
  2. They are better at making sense of the mountain of digital consumer data – sensing
    the sentiments and other consumer comments, and then acting upon them quickly.
  3. They are much more likely to have a big internal ‘social circle’ – more functions that
    use social media and jointly decide what to do with it.
  4. They structure their social media activities more effectively, combining central and
    functional listening with local action.
  5. They have a culture of ardent listening and transparency – both to consumers and
    with each other.

Mastering Digital Feedback – Implications and Recommendations
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