Few Functions Achieve Collaboration in Social Media Activities

Related to our questions about how consumer companies had structured their social media activities, we asked respondents to rate the degree to which multiple business functions achieved collaboration in social media strategy and daily activities (such as sharing and making sense of consumer data). Our finding: while social media is largely not a siloed activity, it is not a highly cross-functional activity either. Only about one-quarter (26%) of respondents across all four regions combined have four or more functions working closely together on social media, including sharing the same consumer data. (See Exhibit II-29)

Far more often, two to three functions were collaborating on social media (in 45% of respondents). And in 30%, each business function was largely or totally managing its social media activities independent of what other functions were doing.

Exhibit II-29: How Many Functions Collaborate on Social Media? Not Many

Exhibit 2-29: How Many Functions Collaborate on Social Media? Not Many

By region, the picture was similar, although North American companies were least likely to have truly cross-functional social media activities. (Only 23% said they had four or more functions collaborating strongly on social media, as against 31% in Europe and Asia- Pacific.) Yet North American respondents had the lowest percentage who said functions operated largely autonomously on social media. (See Exhibit II-30)

Exhibit II-30: How Strongly Functions Collaborate on Social Media, By Region

Exhibit 2-30: How Strongly Functions Collaborate on Social Media, By Region

When asked more specifically about how business functions work together (or not) on social media, only about half the respondents said ‘most’ or ‘all the time’ to five measures: whether they share social media management practices; how they determine whether to act on consumer data; in generating collective insights from social data; in sharing such data; and in creating and revising a social media strategy. (See Exhibit II-31)

Exhibit II-31: How Closely Do Functions Collaborate? In About Half the Respondents, Not Much

Exhibit 2-31: How Closely Do Functions Collaborate? In About Half the Respondents, Not Much


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