Case Study: Getting Every Function on the Same (Digital) Page: The Art of Collaboration in Social Media Activities

Leading companies recognize that successful collaboration in social media activities is a combination of organization, culture and dedication to a common goal.

For example, the social media team at a large insurance company tries to be as hands-off as possible, putting ’light-weight’ processes in place to ensure some level of consistency. The team meets with a social media governance team on which senior executives of all business units discuss implementation, collaboration, compliance and other issues across the company.

Likewise, another large insurance company put a social media council in place as an early first step that identified and trained people in functions outside of marketing communications on best practices.

A large cable TV company’s social media team has digital leads embedded in each brand (e.g., by channel) who are responsible for implementing social media activities. They meet once every two weeks to learn from one another and jointly develop best practices. The company’s culture and its desire to demonstrate the value of social media have made the meetings highly effective.

One bank executive said the bank has a goal of getting every employee around the world engaged in social media to tap into a much greater level of advocacy. However, the social media team recognizes the challenge of controlling what people say and not running afoul of regulatory requirements. They want to test a small roll-out and begin expanding the program once the bugs have been worked out.

Some companies interviewed are so successful with their strategy that collaboration and motivation isn’t even an issue. In fact, a few social media teams interviewed receive so many requests and ideas from functions around the world that they actually spend more time turning down initiatives to maintain a commitment to excellence and ensure compliance with the company’s social media policies and strategy.

Mastering Digital Feedback – Findings: Business Functions
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