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Intel’s Vision for the Internet of Things

It’s understandable that Intel Corp., the world’s largest semiconductor manufacturer (2014 revenue of $56 billion), has been a major proponent of the Internet of Things. The company makes many of the technologies – chips, security software, and operating systems, to name a few – found in IoT devices such as cars, digital signs, and manufacturing equipment.

But Intel’s vision of a world of billions of intelligent, connected devices doesn’t end with the $2.2 billion worth of embedded silicon and software the company sold last year to its customers. Intel is investing in IoT technologies to solve customers’ business problems and improve people’s lives. In addition, Jonathan Ballon, a vice president in the company’s Internet of Things Group, feels IoT technologies could be a game-changer in how the company operates its supply chains and improves its products, both those in its R&D labs and those in the digital devices that customers use.

“We’re deploying IoT solutions across the company, in our manufacturing capabilities, in building automation, to optimize our supply chain, and in other areas,” Ballon says. “We’re a first adopter.”

Ballon sees very big things for the Internet of Things, and for Intel’s role in that market. The company underscored its seriousness early last year when it formed a new IoT business group to focus on IoT strategy and initiatives.