It’s Time to take Digital Beyond Marketing

Digital permeates every facet of the organization. It has moved beyond just marketing. And it is time to move away from a transaction mode to a engagement or an experiential mode.

In this video, TCS consultants Frank Diana and Tonya McKinney talk about how it is time to think beyond digital for marketing – and how it is changing more than how we buy and consume — it’s changing the way we work, play, and live.


About the Authors

Frank Diana heads the Digital Enterprise Solutions team at TCS’ Global Consulting Services. He has 29 years of organizational leadership experience in technology and general management. more »

Tonya McKinney leads TCS’ Digital Strategy Consulting and Solutions capability. She has spent more than a decade innovating and executing integrated, digital marketing practices and programs. more »

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Tonya McKinneyTonya McKinney is a TCS Managing Partner focusing on Customer Experience and Digital Innovation and Solutions. Ms. McKinney has been an executive and advisor for both technology start-ups and multi-national, multi-billion dollar companies ranging from Newmerix, Get Satisfaction and Trada to SBC, Siebel and CA. Her focus is helping companies become truly Responsive Enterprises by applying TCS’ innovative work in digital technologies such as social, mobile, big data, IoT, natural language processing and cloud to…
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