Reminiscences from the Forum: The Flight of the Butterfly

Now that we have been discussing the viewpoints from the Forum, here’s a little sneak peek into how we derived a common theme for the High Tech, Media, Telecom and Utilities (HMTU) track and the amount of fun we had trying to get everybody onto a common topic, which is current and relevant to all our customers from the above four industry segments.

We started with the notion of how the technological revolution is unfolding, the churn that is being aided and abetted by various digital technologies: Big Data, cloud, mobility, social media, Internet of Things, software defined data center, user experience++, augmented media and so on.

Then we looked at the power play in the industry. Who are the most important/powerful entities today driving this revolution? Among them, High Tech, Media and Telecom represent the triad of industries that provide the platforms, channel, medium and the content for all things digital. The fourth most important player and arguably THE most important player is the consumer who sits at the heart of the revolution.

This discussion, we felt, was important since the digital revolution is in turn creating a force field, which is warping the core business of each industry and creating business transformations, which were hitherto unprecedented.

Initially, we thought this should be what we could be talking about, and then realized that this is happening all around us, so what is it that the customers are dealing with? ….I quite liked the concept wherein the “Warping of Core Business” is compared to the concept of an organic transformation – that of a caterpillar to a butterfly. A butterfly is totally different from its earlier avatar and needs a different type of food, has to be wary of a different set of predators and compete with a different set of insects and animals as compared to a caterpillar. In some senses, this is akin to rebirth.

You know, I just loved the concept! Think about it, when a company like Lexmark moves from being a pure printer product company to a services-oriented company, the metamorphosis is placing the organization in a different market environment. The very features of the company (external as well as internal) are changing. I take the example of Lexmark, since Keith Moody, CIO, Lexmark, was present at the conference and he made an excellent presentation highlighting this very metamorphosis.

More details on the session are available in Kamal Bhadada’s article.

I also happen to write a bit of poetry. And for all of you techies and business folks out there who believe that the verse can be a more powerful communication tool (poetry represents algorithms of the mind), here are a few lines representing the forces and challenges that the triad HMT faces today:

“The horizons they beckon
Even while the butterfly does reckon
Which path, which trend,
Which view shall entice?
The user – fickle
The markets more so
The power game
Is indeed the name
For the metamorphosis!
-The flight for digital supremacy.”

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Reena Dayal Reena Dayal, Head, HiTech Solutions, TCS

Reena Dayal Yadav heads the Technology, Domain and Innovation functions for the Hitech Business Unit. In this role she is responsible for envisioning and building solutions to meet current and future business needs of the Unit.
She is also the Chairperson for Storage Networking Industry Association ( SNIA) in India.

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