Leadership in the Digital Age

Leadership in the Digital Age (LDA) can mean many things.  From the “Optimize” perspective the challenge of LDA means how do we accumulate, integrate and then optimize IT systems and technology.  That is to say, the question is not “what is the next great platform” for a specific system or technology; but, how do we integrate whatever that platform is into existing platforms that work and then “optimize” the overall system.  That is the challenge.

We are entering a new era of humankind; the era of the consumer focused organization; designed and built entirely for the needs of the consumer.  This is revolutionary, not just a step forward; in the past 30 years or so, technology has been developed primarily to speed up, make cheaper, and improve prior existing business processes.  Today, technology is at a point where we can “rethink” entire organizations around what they should be in order to serve the needs of the consumer.  Put another way, the question is no longer “how do we bring the consumer into the reach of the organization” but “how do we build the organization around the consumer”?

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Jeffrey Tew Dr. Jeffrey Tew, Chief Scientist, TCS Innovation Labs

Dr. Jeffrey D. Tew is the Chief Scientist for the TCS Innovation Lab in Cincinnati, OH with over 25 years experience in Supply Chain Management. He heads TCS’s Supply Chain Research and Innovation activities globally. Dr Tew has initiated and developed high quality research programs in transportation infrastructure and manufacturing supply chains in emerging markets (India and China). In addition, he has special expertise in designing and implementing lean transportation systems, “green” transportation systems and service parts supply chain solutions.

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