Highlights from the Forum: Understanding the concept of “Optimize”

What a terrific two days! Learning about a tremendous array of new technologies and platforms to help bring solutions to our customers. Also, and equally exciting, learning from many customers about their ideas and issues related to Optimize. Clearly, the notion of “optimize” resonated within the community gathered here at the TCS Innovation Forum; many people I spoke to (colleagues and clients) were very excited about this concept and how TCS is using this notion to drive the development of a truly unique service to the marketplace. Every client I spoke/communicated with indicated that using the TCS concept of “optimize” in bringing “real flexibility” to their IT systems and business processes is a truly unique and powerful idea! One they haven’t seen elsewhere in the market place and one that, from their perspective, can bring immediate and lasting value to their enterprise.

I thoroughly enjoyed having several “deep dive discussions” with clients and participants on how this approach could be brought to fruition and implemented; many had extremely good thoughts on how to also get lasting value out of such an implementation. Looking forward to continued dialogue on same moving forward.

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Jeffrey Tew Dr. Jeffrey Tew, Chief Scientist, TCS Innovation Labs

Dr. Jeffrey D. Tew is the Chief Scientist for the TCS Innovation Lab in Cincinnati, OH with over 25 years experience in Supply Chain Management. He heads TCS’s Supply Chain Research and Innovation activities globally. Dr Tew has initiated and developed high quality research programs in transportation infrastructure and manufacturing supply chains in emerging markets (India and China). In addition, he has special expertise in designing and implementing lean transportation systems, “green” transportation systems and service parts supply chain solutions.

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