Boosting Skills


Are you using social media to
help young Europeans bridge
the skills gap?

“In both formal education and in work, young people’ss proactivity online is providing ‘network effects’, where peers can easily collaborate and share information.”

This self-driven learning is having a huge effect on education, reversing the traditional system of teacher-driven learning. While MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) provide a more formalised way of learning, the last few years have also seen the dramatic rise of the ‘V-logger’ or ‘YouTuber’. This has resulted in a rapidly-expanding and lucrative industry which is encouraging more people to start their own tutorial channels, providing an even greater breadth of opportunity for self-directed learning. Our research has shown the degree to which these new opportunities are valued by young people.

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Sara Mella
Executive Vice President
Nordea Bank, Finland
“How many think it has a strong impact for actually improving their skills?”

Susan Danger
MD, AmCham EU
“We are certainly seeing this potential to use online training.”

Paul Feldman
Chief Executive of Jisc
“The key point here is that it’s important for university staff to work with students to use social media.”

Jesper Tække
Professor of Media Studies
Aarhus University, Denmark

“The positive use of social media is remarkable.”