About the report

Social media, productivity and young Europeans in the digital era

“The new research, which surveyed a representative sample of over 5,000 young people from 15 countries, reveals that social media has come of age.”

TCS is working with young people across Europe, preparing them for successful careers in the digital economy. Through a series of studies, we listen to the voice of Europe’s 90 million young people, bringing their views on technology to the attention of political, academic and business leaders. Building on the 2014 study “Workplace of the future”, this 2015 edition looks at how Europe’s young entrepreneurs, students and professionals are using social media to improve their lives.

The rise of social media has made the way we communicate, discover, information and share ideas more immediate, more accessible and more democratic than ever before.

These changes have helped to shape and empower the generation of young people that have grown up among these technologies; creating a new breed of employees and citizens across Europe: Generation Direct…

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