For the generation of young Europeans who have grown up immersed in digital technology, social media is far more than a source of entertainment. By democratizing the way we communicate, social media has helped shape and empower a new breed of employees and citizens across Europe: Generation Direct…


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N Chandrasekaran
Tata Consultancy Services
“Generation Direct, the first generation to innately understand the true power of social media”

Alexander De Croo
Deputy Prime Minister
Federal Government of Belgium
“Social media has become pervasive in empowering young Europeans”

Maximilian Malterer
Chairman of AIESEC, Germany
“Social media is key to connecting organisations internally and externally, thus driving organisational results.”

Ilaria Maselli
Research Fellow, CEPS
“This makes it a natural place for them to seek employment.”

Xavier Estéve
Career Office
College of Europe
“Social media is playing a growing role for students to find a position or to start with a new enterprise.”

Patrick Thomas
Chairman and CEO, Covestro
“Young people want to feel part of the company they work for.”

Eva Paunova
MEP, Bulgaria
“I believe that social media can boost our businesses and improve the economy throughout Europe”

Mary Kunnenkeril
Director, Three Hands
“Business and young people can learn from one another.”

Gavin Perera-Betts
Executive Director, NEST
“Social media is increasingly a core way of… doing business”

Peter Todd
Dean of HEC Paris

“Young entrepreneurs… are heavily leveraging social media to expand their businesses and create economic growth”

Philippe Vanrie
European Business & Innovation Centre
“Policy makers have now realised that entrepreneurs and innovators are the best people likely to create jobs and growth the economy needs”

Ilhan Kyuchyuk
MEP, Bulgaria
“For new start-up companies, SMEs and entrepreneurs.”

Markus Beyrer
Director General, BUSINESSEUROPE“New digital professional profiles are needed at all levels.”

Susan Danger
MD, AmCham EU
“We are certainly seeing this potential to use online training.”

Paul Feldman
Chief Executive of Jisc
“The key point here is that it’s important for university staff to work with students to use social media.”

Martina Dlabajová
MEP, Czech Republic
“…there is often a mismatch between the needs of employers and the skills being delivered by the education systems. Again, social media can help to fill such gaps”

Sara Mella
Executive Vice President
Nordea Bank, Finland
” …it is notable how many think [social media] has a strong impact for actually improving skills”

Jesper Tække
Professor of Media Studies
Aarhus University, Denmark
“It is young people who use new media to improve opportunities and increase the efficiency of their workflow”

Bill Liao
non-profit CoderDojo clubs
“Young people do need to develop an awareness of the risks and a social sensitivity (when using social media)”

Mikko Vastela
CIO, LähiTapiola Group
”Social media is rapidly gaining traction in professional use.”

John Higgins
Director General
“Business leaders aren’t yet using social media enough.”

Marc Lhermitte
Head of EY’s ILAS European Network
“There is greater wariness on the part of Europe’s business leaders as to social media”

Neena Gill
MEP, Vice-Chair
Delegation for Relations with India
United Kingdom
“[Social media is] a means for politically engaged youth to connect and become a force for democracy”

Tommi Laitio
Youth Affairs
City of Helsinki, Finland
“For the young, it’s about being in the same place as everyone and everything that matters”

Jussi Mekkonen
Executive Vice President
Nordea Bank, Finland
”Organisations can and should use social media more – particularly for sharing ideas”

Ismo Riitala
Managing Director
K-Plus Oy, Finland
”It is making many intranet platforms redundant.”

Caroline Jenner
”The study also shows the value of self-driven learning.”

William Akerman
Founder and MD
MyKindaFuture, UK
”I believe that social media can boost our businesses.”

Andrea Gerosa
Founder of ThinkYoung
“The Internet has brought us closer, made us more open, and given us new social, family, and business opportunities. Young people are at the forefront of this”

Claus Hjorth
Head of Children & Youth Department
at Danish Film Institute, Denmark

“We need a better understanding of how young people are using the Internet and digital services – for the good and the bad – in order to strengthen the innovation and growth potential for all of us.”