North America: Just Ramping Up for the Digital Mobile Consumer – Key Findings

In the previous section of the report, we compared and contrasted the research results in our four regions: North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and Latin America. In this section of the report, we present the results in depth within each region.

We’ll start with the two regions in which we generated the largest number of surveys – North America and Europe. Then we’ll explore our Asia-Pacific and Latin America findings. For each region, we’ll begin the discussion with our key findings.

Key findings:

  • While most industries reported making some amount of changes to their product/service offerings and the processes by which they market, sell and service them, the industries reporting the greatest degree of change (on a 1-7 scale) were telecommunications, airlines, healthcare services, retail and travel/hospitality.
  • We found three success factors in responding effective to digital mobile consumers: developing mobile apps that were useful and easy for consumers to use; getting marketing, sales and service to collaborate; and optimizing the mobile sites or apps for local searches that consumers do on their mobile devices.


Findings: North America
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