Comparing Results Across the Four Regions

How do companies around the world compare in the degree to which they’ve responded to the digital mobile consumer? Are some regions ahead or behind the rest? What business functions are taking the lead in determining mobile strategy in each region? Are consumers conducting more mobile transactions in certain regions than in others? Are companies spending more on their mobile strategies in Western countries than in the East, or are Asia-Pacific companies investing the most?

To answer these and other questions, we surveyed companies in four regions of the world:

  • North America (the US and Canada)
  • Europe (the UK, France and Germany)
  • Asia-Pacific (Japan and India)
  • Latin America (Brazil, Argentina and Mexico)

Some 664 executives responded to our survey, of which 609 completed all 23 of questions. (See Exhibit II-1.)

Exhibit II-1: Surveys by Region of World

Exhibit II-1: Surveys by Region of World

In this chapter of the report, we discuss these and other regional differences. 

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Findings: All Regions
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