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In cloud computing moves, money isn’t everything
Gigaom.com, March 26, 2012
While saving money is a common reason cited for moving IT to the cloud, it is really not the overriding driver at all for most companies, according to new research.
What’s more important than cost savings for companies — at least in the U.S. and Asia-Pacific regions — is the ability to standardize their software and business processes across the company, according to a new survey of 600 large companies by Tata Consultancy Services, the $8 billion IT service provider. Read more

Emerging markets lead the way in cloud application adoption
Business Standard, March 27, 2012
Large companies in Latin America and Asia Pacific are the most aggressive adopters of the cloud computing paradigm, while their European and US counterparts remain conservative about shifting applications to the cloud. The average Latin American company has almost two fifths (39%) of its total applications in the cloud. Asia Pacific follows closely behind with over a quarter (28%). Read more

Corporate cloud apps will rise 18% by 2014: TCS study

The Hindu Business Line, March 27, 2012
Despite the hype, cloud applications do not rule the large corporation though cloud usage is expected to increase significantly, said a TCS global study.Many companies are still reluctant to put applications with sensitive data in the cloud.The survey said corporate cloud applications will increase by an average 18 per cent by 2014. Read more

US Lags Much of World in Cloud Computing Adoption: Study
Forbes.com, March 29, 2012
From Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) comes a new study with an eye-opening finding: that the United States and Europe lag behind the rest of the world in cloud computing adoption. This is surprising because many of the companies that have been driving and leading the cloud computing phenomenon are US-based, such as Amazon Web Services, Google, IBM, RackSpace, Microsoft, Apple, and Oracle — not to mention the countless vendors offering Software-as-a-Service options. Read more

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