Digital Age Technologies

Decode Digital Age Technologies for Future-Ready Enterprises

Unlock the potential of evolving digital age technologies ranging from intelligent automation and AI to digital twins and agile supply chains. Discover how they deliver transformational, omnichannel customer experience and maximize RoI.

In a hyper-connected world, game-changing digital age technologies are powering enterprises for superior business outcomes and unmatched customer experiences. Intelligent automation, power plants, digital twins and digital ecosystems are enabling cost savings, improved performance and greater RoI across industries. Enterprises are raising the bar with intelligent, agile supply chains and design-centric approaches. Personalized, conversational banking with AI has become a reality, blurring man-machine boundaries and enabling superior customer engagement. Social platforms too have enabled quicker response times and faster issue resolution, ensuring ‘customer delight’.

Choose from sessions tailored to your business function, industry, technology, or theme. Join our experts now and embark on an accelerated digital transformation for your enterprise.

Blockchain-led purposeful and profitable ecosystems

Purpose empowers incentivized intelligent & experiential ecosystems, powered by blockchain. Learn how enterprises can develop a purpose-driven blockchain-led strategy.

The Inclusive Enterprise: Embracing Employee Diversity through Technology

Gain insights into how advancements in conversational AI have enabled enterprises to be inclusive and ensure superior employee experience with efficiency and effectiveness.

Data for Good: The Role of Data in a Purpose-Driven Enterprise

Understand how enterprises have fostered a data-driven culture of harnessing big data with artificial intelligence to accelerate profound and sustainable social transformation.

Inclusive Design for a Digital World

Learn how to build a customer experience that is not only inclusive but also accessible to all people. We share key components and new technologies for advancing CX.

Powered by Purpose: Ethical Supply Chain Management

Discover how next-gen technologies can enable purpose-driven ethical supply networks for enterprises to create positive outcomes for employees, communities and the environment.

Is Purpose the new Tech?

Learn how integrating purpose at the core of your business can result in greater stakeholder value by reimagining the customer value chain and integrating digital technologies.

Not just an App: Data Integration for Higher Connectivity, Loyalty & Engagement

Learn how an API-based mobile app for a life sciences leader is helping drive more personalized customer experiences by integrating data from digital channels and CRM systems.

Enhancing Quality of Customer Experience (CX) to Scale Digital Presence

Discover how a multinational media company rolled out their ‘first time right’ release with 65% automation and 95% compliance, improving business outcomes and reimagining CX.

Enterprise Grade Cloud for Omni-Channel Enterprise Businesses

Discover how a global retailer leveraged Agile cloud-enabling reduced provisioning time from 48 hours to 15 minutes, and ~50% higher efficiency through automation.

Leveraging Contextual Security Intelligence to Remediate Vulnerabilities

Hear how a global manufacturer's vulnerability management program is fueling business growth with better prioritization, program governance, and advanced risk management.

Embracing Predictive Banking: Loan Growth with Next Best Action

Gain insights into how one bank is harnessing data with a Next Best Action approach to predict customer needs for personal loans and create a wealth of cross-selling opportunities.

Augment Human Capability with Intelligent Automation for Superior ‘In Moment CX’

Learn how intelligent automation elevates the role of employees in delivering seamless 'in the moment' experiences at every touchpoint in the customer journey.

The ROI of Delivering Amazing Experiences featuring Forrester Research and USAA

Join our guest speakers from Forrester Research, USAA and our TCS expert to discover how to deliver the digital experience your customers demand.

CX Transformation Approach for Telcos Using Design Thinking and Machine First™

Discover how leading telcos are reimagining CX and reducing cost-to-serve leveraging an automated, analytics-driven, on the cloud, intelligent customer experience center.

Harnessing Intelligent Automation to Transform Experiences: The M&S Story

Hear how Marks & Spencers created memorable customer experiences across channels with intelligent automation enabling cost savings and automating 85K+ call interactions a week.

AI and Digital Twins Powering Plant Efficiency and Reliability by ARC and TCS

Gain insights from Harry Forbes from ARC Advisory Group and TCS on how intelligent power plants can leverage digital twins to improve performance and achieve RoI.

API Marketplace Platform to Drive Innovation and Digital Ecosystems

In today's hyper-connected world, APIs play a pivotal role for banks to sail the waves of digital disruption leveraging a marketplace-based ecosystem with partners and fin-techs.

Dow: Powering an Intelligent and Agile Supply Chain

Learn how Dow Consumer Solutions is harnessing abundance & leveraging ecosystems to address complex buyer demands and rising supply chain challenges and deliver winning outcome

Blue & Bland: B2B/Enterprise Design (and How to Make It Better)

Why and how should a B2B enterprise invest resources to become design-centric? And how do you make design an integral part of your corporate culture and raise the bar?

Autonomous Cars: Reducing Accidents with a Cloud-based Intelligent Ecosystem

Find out how China's leading auto manufacturer’s fueling safety with its autonomous driving solution harnessing data abundance and an intelligent ecosystem integration platform.

From Supply Chains to Ecosystem Commerce: Leveraging Business 4.0 Technologies

Learn how executives can leverage Enterprise Supply Network management and Ecosystem Commerce Platforms for omnichannel fulfillment strategies disrupting traditional supply chains.

The Integrated Enterprise with Cloud-based Financial Consolidation

A complex merger leveraged an abundance of technologies, and an automated cloud-based financial platform to consolidate financial accounting and deliver Day-1 reporting.

Digital Revolution – New Era of Intelligent Systems

Learn how Intelligent systems enhanced the living experience for senior citizens at the SHINESeniors project leveraging a design-led approach to create value and hyper-personalizat

Driving an abundance mindset for Blockchain-powered Ecosystems of the Future

Blockchain-powered platforms enable mindset shift to leverage abundance, help identify new ecosystem business models and generate exponential value. Find out more.

Intelligent Virtual Assistants: Paving the Way for CX Transformation

Attend this webinar to understand how AI/IVA, can change your customer service capability from scarcity to abundance not plaqued with human-intensive customer service issues.

3 Best Practices for Overcoming AI Obstacles to Build Future-ready Enterprises

Learn best practices for overcoming AI obstacles from industry-leading enterprises striving for structured digital transformation through automation and a machine first philosophy.

Major Australian Financial Institution Transforms its ECM Landscape

Discover how an Australian financial institution implemented a robust cloud-based document management system for better performance, major cost savings and enterprise agility.

The Power of Analytics: Money in the Bank with Genuine Credit Card Transactions

Find out how a bank used analytics to identify legitimate transactions better and increased happy customers, saving $6 million annually through 13% reduction in fraud losses.

American Multinational Investment Bank drives Value from Procurement

Learn how a leading American multinational investment bank’s procurement transformation journey delivered savings, efficiencies and a 360-degree view of suppliers and spending.

Connect the Dots: Integrated Programmatic Marketing for Financial Services Firms

How can banks and financial institutions deliver great experiences in a fragmented digital world? With an integrated, programmatic, and highly automated approach.

The Strategic Impact of Blockchain on the BFSI Industry

Explore how blockchain ecosystems and innovations are impacting key metrics for organizations beyond cost efficiencies, by generating new revenue streams and opportunities.

Drive Engagement and Trust with Smarter Content Marketing

Smart content marketing is critical for financial services. Surprised to hear that? That’s because truly useful content increases engagement with intangible, mystifying products.

Transforming Capital Markets with the Power of Salesforce

Learn how a US bank leveraged Salesforce to strengthen relationship with corporate clients and investors and gained visibility and predictability into their business and revenue.

Sustainable Synergy Savings on Mergers & Acquisitions

Explore how some of world’s largest enterprises are realizing big and small savings opportunities from revenue, growth and cost synergies for all Merger & Acquisition deals.

Masterchef @ Agile

Learn the recipe for a successful agile transformation that includes the right combination of – the operating model, ways of working, architecture, culture and governance.

Reimagine Banking Due Diligence with Intelligent Process Automation

Learn how a multinational bank reduced its due diligence processing time from 1 day to 2 hours for client onboarding and shifted to an intelligent customer data management.

What’s Your Reality? AR, VR & Bringing Personal Interactions to Digital Banking

How are VR and AR improving customer experience and closing the gap from in-branch banking to digital banking and how to overcome customer concerns on the technology’s adoption.

Conversational Banking with AI: Pivoting Digital Transformation

Explore blurring man-machine interaction boundaries with personalized conversations and how conversational AI is enabling contextual engagement and better customer experiences.

Smarter Audience Targeting and Engagement with Machine Learning

Discover how Machine Learning can power smarter marketing with automation and insights and how a North American retailer realized a 32% increase in direct mail campaign responses.

Enhancing Your Reality: Immersive Travel Experiences

Augmented, virtual and mixed realities offer exciting opportunities to create immersive travel experiences powerfully impacting inflight environment and services.

Marketing Results Soar with Consistent Omni-Channel Experience

Hear a Finnish telecom’s story on creating seamless omni-channel experience with predictive analytics bringing 20-times increase in offers and 600% boost in email click throughs.

How Demand Centers are Transforming B2B Marketing through Innovation

How can marketing leaders harness the digital technologies to drive data monetization and value creation for the enterprise and deliver innovation with B2B marketing strategies.

Why Empathy & Emotion Must Drive Marketing Strategies

How can brands and marketing leaders inspire positive emotions through transparency, trust, and user choice? Focus on empathy is a must to drive better customer experiences.

Data Privacy Regulations: The Impact on Marketing

Can marketers become the custodians of customer data, treading across data privacy and compliance while looking through data to unearth insights and deliver value for customers.

Marketing & Supply Chain are building Data-driven and Intelligent Enterprises

Discover how marketing and supply chain are leveraging data to reimagine customer experience and achieve innovation and business growth.

The Personalization Paradox: Balancing Personalization and Privacy

How can your enterprise achieve personalization with data collection, being mindful of regulations and customer privacy? Finding the right balance is critical for brands.

You’re Not as Digital as You Think: Leveraging Technology-centric Marketing

Discover how MarTech can empower CMOs to fulfill their digital vision and change the game for the marketing function.

How Europe’s Most Social Airline is Charting CX Success through AI Innovation

Discover how Europe’s leading airline leveraged AI to delight customers with quick response times and faster issue resolution across social and other support channels.

Making Meaning Out of 5G

Explore the value 5G can deliver to brands and customers. Content creators, broadcasters and service providers can derive immense value from 5G when designing such experiences.

Blockchain: A Money-maker for Marketers

Discover how CMOs can leverage blockchain along with ecosystems and blend life experiences to create new value, reimagine business model and foster disruptive innovation.