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Our Interactive Services provide inspiration and roadmap for brands that have transformative ideas.

When business transformation pushes you out of your comfort zone, TCS is here to lead the way. Our strategic digital and interactive advisors help companies view the possibilities and experience the outcomes, no matter how big, how unique, or how complex the vision. With a human-first approach, we apply design, engineering, business strategy, and subject matter expertise to your challenges, paving the way for your success.

We deliver results

We apply technology centric design and creative thinking processes together with humanized interactions to address challenging business problems. This, along with our Design Studios acceleration think tank, allow us to define paths to success.

  • Design


    Using creative-led approaches, such as Design Thinking, we break down problems and solve them through digital programs.

  • Content

    Through customized content and experiences designed for digital and interactive platforms, we boost engagement.

  • Technology


    With channel-agnostic digital marketing, commerce, and experience platforms, we help enterprises effectively conquer digital transformation challenges.

  • Performance


    Leveraging insights and metrics, we help companies accelerate ROI for digital and interactive programs.

Design Thinking + Technology = Superior Customer Experiences

Accustomed to seamless interactions and personalized consumer experiences on their smartphones, customers now are looking for the same in their business experiences. To meet this rising expectation, companies are redesigning the user experience (UX) by implementing smart technologies and design thinking focused on the end user to mimic human interactions.

Many companies are adopting agile business practices, automation and AI. However, those wishing to distinguish themselves need to deliver superior, personalized, multichannel customer experiences (CX). To do that, companies must master a blend of design processes with cuttingedge technological skills.

TCS Interactive invites you to a session on Customer Experience at FINOVATE Conference

Calendar IconMay 8th - 10th
Drop Pin IconSan Francisco

Connect the Dots & Improve the Customer Experience: Integrated, Programmatic Marketing for Financial Services Firms

Successful banks and other financial services firms have reputations and brands that convey trust. They have built products and services that clients need, and they have deep, robust technology infrastructures for executing transactions with great efficiency. Many have embraced digital channels for reaching and engaging clients and prospects and, ultimately, for building relationships with them. But in today’s world, true success focuses on the experience—the sum total of offerings, interactions, and transactions.
Delivering a great experience is huge challenge in the fragmented digital world. An integrated, programmatic, and highly automated approach offers the best way to accomplish this goal. So: How do you do it? The short answer is by adopting a unified technology platform. A robust technology platform can unite and simplify your digital marketing activities (integration), allow you to be even more even more data-driven (programmatic), and to make it faster and easier than ever before (automated).

Learn about:
• Building a technology platform for digital marketing
• Unique concerns for financial services firms
• How to get started

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About the Speaker

Sanju Joseph heads TCS Interactive’s financial services business in the United States. His role encompasses helping enterprises envision their future by applying design thinking to digital marketing, digital content, digital commerce and digital experience, and helping them drive that vision to execution. He has over 18 years of experience across industry sub-segments like Payments, Consumer Banking, Wealth and Asset Management, and Capital Markets. He holds a Bachelor of Technology degree in Electronics and Communication from Cochin University of Science and Technology. He also enjoys motorcycling, and is an avid badminton player.

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