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TCS Interactive

Reimagining digital experiences to differentiate brands and fuel growth

Digital transformation is not about becoming “more” digital. It is about enabling you to deliver differentiating experiences to customers and users. This is a strategy challenge as much as a technology one. Leveraging a design thinking approach, we help CMOs innovate, chart engaging customer journeys, and create differentiating customer experiences that deliver measurable and impactful business outcomes.

We Deliver Results

TCS Interactive is a leader in the digital customer experience space. With a human-first approach, we apply design, engineering, business strategy, and subject matter expertise to deliver award-winning iconic design and digital experiences for our customers.

  • Design

    Create iconic experiences with a team of talented multidisciplinary designers with expertise in visual, interaction, motion, sonic, and creative technology.

  • Digital Content

    Boost customer engagement with strategy and digital content. We believe that digital content is the engine that drives every digital experience.

  • Technology

    Conquer digital transformation challenges with channel-agnostic digital marketing, commerce, and experience platforms.

  • Design Thinking & Innovation

    Live, breathe, and create “signature” moments by using creative-led approaches that start with design thinking and the design funnel.

  • Digital Marketing

    Grow your pipeline by leveraging data and insight that help you quickly identify profitable opportunities and create customer value.

  • Commerce

    Enhance customer loyalty. Win new customers. Drive revenue with intelligent, connected, and consistent experiences across commerce channels.

  • Digital Accessibility

    Digital inclusivity is essential and powerful. Own every experience from beginning to end.

Design Thinking + Technology = Superior Customer Experiences

Accustomed to seamless interactions and personalized consumer experiences on their smartphones, customers now are looking for the same in their business experiences. To meet this rising expectation, companies are redesigning the user experience (UX) by implementing smart technologies and design thinking focused on the end user to mimic human interactions.

Many companies are adopting agile business practices, automation and AI. However, those wishing to distinguish themselves need to deliver superior, personalized, multichannel customer experiences (CX). To do that, companies must master a blend of design processes with cuttingedge technological skills.

Innovating Brand Experiences Through Digital Transformation

How Leading CMOs are Using Digital Technology to Personalize Communications and Boost ROI Throughout the Customer Lifecycle.

The TCS New York City Marathon Races Ahead with Adobe Creative Cloud

TCS Interactive wins prestigious Red Dot: Best of the Best in brands and communications design 2019 for its interactive, inclusive running game.

SMU-TCS iCity Lab Wins the 2019 SuperNova Award for the SHINESeniors Project

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), a leading global IT services, consulting and business solutions organization, and the Singapore Management University (SMU), announced that the SMU-TCS iCity Lab’s SHINESeniors project has won Constellation Research’s 2019 SuperNova Award in the category AI & Augmented Humanity.

Cargotec Empowers Technicians On-the-Move

TCS executes cutting-edge mobility solution to increase responsiveness and efficiency.

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Cognitive Business Operations

Scottish Water Sails Through Brutal Winters

TCS' intelligent emergency response solution saves over £12 million in one season.

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DNB Revolutionizes Payments in Norway

TCS helps develop the most successful product, at the fastest pace ever, in the history of DNB.

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Cognitive Business Operations

Digital Reimagination Studio

Content Strategy - Cutting out the Noise from Content

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The Making of

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From Vision to Video

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What Inspires Sujesh

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What Inspires Shey Cobley

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What Inspires Kayvan

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Inspiring a generation of artists

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What Inspires Akihiko

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This is TCS Interactive

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Making of NY Marathon

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Creating Iconic Experiences

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How the Studio Does UX Design

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How TCS Runs a Design Thinking Workshop

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Insights & Ideas

How to get your studio strategy right using the 4P framework

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Winning with Design Led Experiences

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Using Deep Learning for Sentiment Analysis

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Hyper personalization for increased conversion and customer affinity

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The Ultimate to-do List for CX Success

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Design Thinking: The Proven Approach to Game-Changing Innovation

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Innovating and Designing an Engaging and Differentiating Inclusive Digital Experience

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Stop Marketing and Start Engaging

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TCS recognized as leader in NelsonHall NEAT Report on UX Consulting and UI Services

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Winning in the Era of Deep Contextual Personalization: It’s All About Human-Machine Collaboration

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What’s a Marketer’s Greater Challenge: Content or Data?

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Innovation by Design:
TCS Interactive Studios. Red Dot Award “Best of the Best” 2019 Winner.

TCS Interactive won the prestigious Red Dot “Best of the Best” Brands and Communications Design 2019 Award for TCS Marathon City: Sprint to Win


The ROI of Delivering Amazing Experiences featuring Forrester Research and USAA

Join our guest speakers from Forrester Research, USAA and our TCS expert to discover how to deliver the digital experience your customers demand.

Connect the Dots: Integrated Programmatic Marketing for Financial Services Firms

How can banks and financial institutions deliver great experiences in a fragmented digital world? With an integrated, programmatic, and highly automated approach.

Drive Engagement and Trust with Smarter Content Marketing

Smart content marketing is critical for financial services. Surprised to hear that? That’s because truly useful content increases engagement with intangible, mystifying products.

What’s Your Reality? AR, VR & Bringing Personal Interactions to Digital Banking

How are VR and AR improving customer experience and closing the gap from in-branch banking to digital banking and how to overcome customer concerns on the technology’s adoption.

Enhancing Your Reality: Immersive Travel Experiences

Augmented, virtual and mixed realities offer exciting opportunities to create immersive travel experiences powerfully impacting inflight environment and services.

Blue & Bland: B2B/Enterprise Design (and How to Make It Better)

Why and how should a B2B enterprise invest resources to become design-centric? And how do you make design an integral part of your corporate culture and raise the bar?

You’re Not as Digital as You Think: Leveraging Technology-centric Marketing

Discover how MarTech can empower CMOs to fulfill their digital vision and change the game for the marketing function.

Making Meaning Out of 5G

Explore the value 5G can deliver to brands and customers. Content creators, broadcasters and service providers can derive immense value from 5G when designing such experiences.

Digital Revolution – New Era of Intelligent Systems

Learn how Intelligent systems enhanced the living experience for senior citizens at the SHINESeniors project leveraging a design-led approach to create value and hyper-personalizat

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