TCS 2020 CIO Study

Leading Companies Leverage Business Transformation for Digital Success

From “chief information officer” to “chief innovation officer,” a CIO’s job has undergone seismic changes in the last decade – or it should have. While every industry and every large company must now also be a technology company in one way or several, only some CIOs’ companies have had success navigating the new digital ecosystem. We wanted to find out more about the Digital Leaders.

Find the Digital Opportunities, Ward Off the Competitive Threats

The TCS 2020 Chief Information Officer Study seeks answers to central questions facing 1,010 information and technology executives across 11 industries in North America and Europe: How are they helping their enterprises navigate a complex and fast-evolving digital landscape? Where are their companies focusing their digital initiatives? What traction have they gained this decade from those efforts?

Digital Leadership for Business Transformation

The CIO Study’s key reports will focus on how “digital leader companies” stand out from the rest in terms of roles and responsibilities, their strategic use of data, and how culture and corporate leadership influence digital business development and competitive focus . Other reports will look at specific industries and geographic regions, with a complete “master report” of findings, insights and best practices available later in the year.

Key Findings Report: How CIOs Are Helping Their Companies Navigate the Digital Ecosystem

A general overview of the main areas covered by the survey, some initial data showing differences by industry, and a first look at how (and whether) CIOs and other corporate leaders are transforming their companies to take advantage of the new digital ecosystem.

Roles & Responsibilities in Digital Business

Many CIOs at leading companies have evolved their job descriptions to become change agents who champion business model innovation. But this change has not been the case for all CIOs, or to the same degree. Our study finds that leaders outside the IT organization have often, purposely or necessarily, become the digital leaders for their business.

Data Priorities & Practices

Do chief information officers remain chiefly responsible for their company’s information – or is time to retire that title? Our study found that, among the more digitally successful firms as well as companies with more revenue, the CIO was still more likely to oversee enterprise data and analytics. Additionally: of the data CIOs most value today, what customers are saying about the company ranks at the top.

Industry Report: Retail

For all the tempest caused by the growth of e-commerce, the retail industry’s best days in digital business are still ahead. The firms with the most progress and success to date in transforming their business are seeking new revenue in new sectors – and their CIOs are building consensus for a digital strategy that takes full advantage of cloud, artificial intelligence, and mobile.

Industry Report: Consumer Packaged Goods

There are opportunities for leadership and disruption in the consumer packaged goods industry, if you know where to look. We wanted to find out what 141 CPG CIOs are seeing up ahead – and what they might be missing.

Industry Report: Banking, Financial Services & Insurance

CIOs at banks are among the most likely to be dealing with legacy systems – and CIOs at insurance firms are the least likely to be focused on data security. Some expected, some surprising, and some troubling findings are in this report.

Regional Report: North America

Sixty percent of the CIOs we surveyed worked for companies based in North America. They report that, over the last decade, digital business has grown to account for nearly half of their revenue.

Regional Report: Europe

European firms taking the lead in digital business focus on innovation and customers to a greater degree than other European companies, according to the more than 400 European CIOs we surveyed.

Quick Views of Our Findings

Sometimes you just need a quick overview of what the data says. Here we share infographics and presentations distilling our reports down to a fast glance, suitable for your reuse.

Key Findings Report - Infographic

Which industries are most ripe for digital disruption and an innovation leader? And how successful have CIOs been so far in their efforts?

Key Findings Report - SlideShare

1,010 CIOs in 11 industries on two continents answered 30 questions about their work and their companies’ success in digital business. This presentation gives a quick overview of their answers in many of the key areas.

Roles & Responsibilities - Infographic

What do digital leaders do differently? Where does innovation happen for them? And what is the connection between an alignment of vision and success?

Roles & Responsibilities - SlideShare

While most CIOs spend half their time managing the existing infrastructure, the more successful companies’ CIOs spend almost 2/3 their time on business model innovation. These and other findings are available from our study of more than 1,000 CIOs in North America and Europe.

Data-driven Insights

To answer clients’ concerns about the role of CIOs in their companies’ success, TCS leaders commissioned the CIO Study to understand where best practices were occurring and to highlight the threats of doing business as usual. These viewpoints of TCS executives are based on findings from the TCS 2020 CIO Study.

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