How Future-Ready CFOs Are Driving Real-Time Business Performance

Forward-thinking CFOs are considering how they can play a strategic role in transforming the business from a traditional model to a real-time enterprise. This means charting a course for the future that enables executive access to dynamic, data-driven financial insights.

The TCS 2020 CFO Study “How future-ready CFOs are driving real-time business performance” examines the responses from future-focused CFOs in large enterprises in the United States, Canada, Germany, the UK, and the Netherlands to explore this and other topics such as:

  • Are you currently able to turn your enterprise data into accessible, real-time insights that drive business growth?
  • Is your organization agile and ready to support new, future-ready digital business models?
  • Which technologies—from blockchain, analytics, machine learning, and AI—should you focus on and invest in?

Get more details in the CFO Study. Download the “Executive Summary”.

TCS 2020 CFO Study Key findings

The initial findings ​from our study reveal dramatic differences in ​business strategy, attitudes and processes in ​the finance function when comparing “real-time” organizations with those at their more traditional counterparts. You can view the interactive key findings “Infogram” or download a PDF below.

How future-ready CFOs are driving real-time business performance

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How future-ready CFOs are driving real-time business performance

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