Quality Engineering

Quality Engineering

Quality is a Way of Life

Our next-gen platform solutions and assurance offerings powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning, deliver quality engineering solutions right the first time. Their ease of use will soon empower your teams to embrace quality as a way of life, as against yet another tedious project milestone to be completed.

We Deliver Results

We help enterprises realize exponential value in their digital transformation journey, accelerating speed-to-market, enabling world class customer experience, reducing cost of quality, and mitigating risk.

  • CX

    Providing world class customer experience, reducing cost of quality, and mitigating risk.

  • SmartQE

    Enabling increased business agility through intelligent automation across the QE lifecycle by adopting advanced analytics, AI, machine learning and lean practices.

  • Big Data and Analytics Test Automation Solution (BITS)

    Enabling the quality of the data driven business decisions, through a highly simulative, format scalable, volume scalable, automation framework, and provides 40% to 60% of productivity benefits and go to market advantages.

How Quality Engineering Enables Customer Experience Transformations

Customers will not wait for companies, even well-known brands, to fix a problem. They will move to another provider or vendor. A quality engineering approach to testing applications and services before customers experience them is a proven path to designing superior digital experiences.

Customers won’t wait for quality. And neither should you.

BG Group Globally Assures Hazard Management

TCS enables anytime, anywhere testing to help the BG Group centralize safety worldwide.

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TCS Assures ABG’s Digital Transformation

Avis Budget Group (ABG) share how TCS' testing expertise, holistic quality assurance(QA) approach and thought leadership helped them achieve better business results.

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Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Transforms Software Quality Through Test Automation

Geoff Faircloth, Testing Practice Manager, Bendigo and Adelaide Bank, highlights how TCS helped the bank transform its software quality through Test automation.

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Enhancing Quality of Customer Experience (CX) to Scale Digital Presence

Discover how a multinational media company rolled out their ‘first time right’ release with 65% automation and 95% compliance, improving business outcomes and reimagining CX.

Our Advisory Team

Prabhakar Karamsetty

Global Head, Quality Engineering & Transformation



Ganapathi Lakshminarayanan

Ganapathi Lakshminarayanan

Head of Operations, Quality Engineering & Transformation Unit