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A Machine First Approach to Digital Transformation

Leaders who digitally transform their companies face a number of big challenges, from implementing artificial intelligence systems to empowering their people to learn new ways to work. TCS brings a very different method to digital transformation, called Machine First™. This edition of TCS Perspectives lays out the critical issues for leaders and how a Machine-First™ approach to digital transformation can make their companies more customer-centric and competitive.

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Why Digital Transformation Needs a Reboot in a Business 4.0™ World

Successful companies today are reinventing their business models and customer relationships through automation, analytics, artificial intelligence and cloud computing. And they are also creating new jobs, carving out roles for people to collaborate with always-improving machines.

Defining Your Digital Ecosystem: The First Step in a Machine First™ Transformation

Emerging digital ecosystems – networks of stakeholders, including business partners, suppliers, customers and competitors that interact to create value – present major opportunities to build new digital businesses that go beyond the boundaries of traditional industries.

Reshaping a Business Around AI: The Machine First™ Approach to Digital Transformation

Through a structured approach to transformation, organizations can turn digital processes into intelligent digital processes that enable business model innovation, superior customer experiences, and large productivity gains.

Using Advanced Technologies to Deliver an Uncommon Customer Experience Every Day

The successful companies use of intelligent technologies to automate many aspects of the customer experience, while helping their own people engage with customers more effectively.

Giving Power to the Machine: Offering Technology the First Right of Refusal

Companies around the world are using the Machine-First approach™ not only to improve their customer-facing activities; they are using it to improve other parts of their business including formerly manual activities in accounting, human resources, and the IT help desk. The result has been major cost and cycle-time reductions, and other measurable benefits.

The Crucial Role of People in a World of Extreme Automation

Even as automation spreads in an organization, many new tasks will emerge that only people can perform. By training people to do them, companies can increase their competitiveness.

Building the Unbiased and Continually Self-Improving Machine

To achieve superior outcomes with AI (e.g., a bank that becomes much better at identifying fraudulent transactions), companies must validate how their AI algorithms use data. They must also continually feed their AI systems more and more digital data.

Cloud Computing: The Essential Platform for a Machine First™ Digital Transformation

Central to digital transformation efforts, cloud computing platforms enable companies to economically experiment with automation in ways that would have been unaffordable to most just a few years ago.

Protecting Your Robots: How to Design Security into Your Machines

The same attributes that make automation so effective – efficiency, accuracy, labor-saving – also open up organizations to new risks. Enterprises can protect themselves by fine-tuning rules of access for machine-to-machine communications and by using AI for defensive purposes.

Managing Businesses that are Rooted in Software

Prof. Vijay Gurbaxani, a scholar on digital transformation at the University of California at Irvine, discusses key leadership challenges for companies operating in sectors undergoing dramatic digital change, from software to autos and restaurants.

The CEO as Chief Exhilaration Office

Motivating talented people who fear that robots are taking their jobs away is one of the biggest challenges of digital transformation. Successful firms will have CEOs who reduce those fears and create an atmosphere of opportunity and optimism.