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Red Dot Design Award

Innovating and Designing an Engaging and Differentiating Inclusive Digital Experience

TCS Interactive wins Red Dot Award “Best of the Best”

How Leading Companies are Reinventing the Customer Experience

Why Better FP&A Solutions Are on Many CFO Wish Lists


DevOps: Delivering on the Need for Speed

Why an Ecosystem Strategy Is Where Digital Transformations Begin

Why Real-Time Business Is a Team Sport

Three Ways to Secure Your Automated Machines

Determining Your Future in a World of Ecosystems

CIOs View the Cloud as Their Most Critical Technology

Why Digital Marketers Should Be More Active in Customer Support

Digital Transformation Means Injecting Intelligence into Digital Processes

Four Big Impacts of a Machine First™ Approach to Transformation

Why AI Systems Need More Data to Reduce Bias and Boost Results

cognitive procurement

Digital Age CFOs and Procurement Functions Buy into Cognitive Solutions

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation Means Simplifying Complexity


Machine First™ Data Governance to Manage Data Explosion

Building the Unbiased and Continually Self-Improving Machine

Cloud Computing: The Essential Platform for a Machine First™ Digital Transformation

Managing Businesses that are Rooted in Software

The CEO as Chief Exhilaration Officer

digital transformation

Why Digital Transformation Needs a Reboot in a Business 4.0™ World

Defining Your Digital Ecosystem: The First Step in a Machine First™ Transformation

Reshaping a Business Around AI: The Machine First™ Approach to Digital Transformation

Using Advanced Technologies to Deliver an Uncommon Customer Experience Every Day

Giving Power to the Machine: Offering Technology the First Right of Refusal

The Crucial Role of People in a World of Extreme Automation

Protecting Your Robots: How to Design Security into Your Machines

blockchain technology

How Blockchain Empowers the New Consumer and a New Growth Paradigm: Part 2

Blockchain Technology

How Blockchain Empowers the New Consumer and a New Growth Paradigm: Part 1

CIO's Role

The CIO’s Role in Building a Cognitive Business

Digital Reinvention

The Digital Reinvention of the Finance Department


Avoiding “Creepy” by Balancing the Risks and Rewards of Personalization

Digital Money

Follow the Digital Money: How Finance Is Reinventing Itself

Digital Ecosystem

The CIO’s Critical New Role: Digital Ecosystem Navigator

Digital Ecosystem

Winning in the New World of Digital Ecosystems: Discerning the CIO Perspective

cloud strategy

Discovery to Decommission Cloud Approaches to Accelerate Divestitures

Warranty Claims Management

Simplify Your Warranty Claims Management with Intelligent Automation

Cloud Adoption

Accelerated Cloud Adoption with Quicker RoI

Container Orchestration

Container Orchestration Clues to Business Agility

How AI Enables Companies to Reimagine the Customer Experience

The Three Dimensions of the Agile Mindset

Design Thinking: The Proven Approach to Game-Changing Innovation


The Digitally Personalized Brand Experience: Welcome to the TCS Chief Marketing Officer Study

personalized brand experiences

Focus of Our New CMO Study: Keeping the Customer Mesmerized through Digitally Personalized Brand Experiences

The Ultimate to-do List for CX Success

Why Your Company’s Digital Destiny Depends on Its Data Proficiency

A Machine-First Approach to Automation-Based Digital Transformation

Email Management

Automating Inbound Email Management to Outbid E-Procurement

Business Ecosystem Integration

Business Ecosystem Integration Inevitable for Digital Transformation

cloud infrastructure

Boost Your Transformation Success Quotient with Cloud Infrastructure

Business Kindness

Why Kindness is the Key to Success

The IT Ramifications of Hybrid Cloud


Better Decisions and Improved Performance: How Diversity Makes a Company Stronger

Hyper personalization for increased conversion and customer affinity

Assuring Digital Customer Experience (CX) – the role of Quality Engineering in Digital Transformation programs

Why Digital Transformation Depends on a Machine-First Approach to Analytics, and How to Achieve It

Hybrid Cloud

Taking a Machine-First Approach to Cloud Migration

Realizing the Automation Potential: A Machine-First Approach to Achieve Cognitive Operations

Operating in an Insight-Driven World: Mastering the New Game of Analytics

Creating Game-Changing Insights from an Abundance of Data

Before Plunging Your Supply Chain into Immersion, Be Aware of the Perils

Journey to the Business 4.0 era: Live updates from TCS at Oracle OpenWorld 2018

Location-independent agile: Key to making big companies digitally responsive

Managing and Exceeding Customer Experience – A 4 Step Strategy

Digital Data’s Greatest Opportunities

How financial services firms can succeed with agile

How Insights From Digital Data Can Improve the Customer Experience

How Leveraging Digital Data Can Boost Your Top Line

The Banking Benefits of Agile in Wechat World

Make the Most of Agile Practices

Why and How to Teach Your Leaders to Be Agile

Why Design Thinking Is Crucial to Disruptive Innovation in Customer Experiences

How Agile Development Delivers Seamless, Multichannel CX

The Two-step CX Transformation Process

Why Established Companies Must Forge Their Own Path to Digital Transformation

Going Agile? Put People Over Processes to Succeed

Why Legacy Infrastructure Can Be a Valuable Asset in CX-led Digital Transformation

Enterprise Agility and What It Can Achieve for You

Digital Transformation Should Start With the Customer Experience

How Enterprise Agility Drives Innovation From the Edge

Making the Most of Location-independent Agile Teams

Digital Transformation to Business 4.0

How to Power Your Organization With Location-independent Agile Teams

Think Beyond Content to Extend Digital Experience to Customers

Why the Cloud is the Foundation of Innovation

Why Moving to the Cloud Needs to Be a Business Decision

Scaling Agility Beyond the Pilot Project

Understanding the Essence and Value of Agile

Competing With Digital Natives: Where to Begin

Four Ways Data Analytics and Insights Enable a Patient-centric Clinical Trial Ecosystem

Digital Transformation Doesn’t Happen Without Diversity

customer engagement

Five Ways Customer Communications Management Improves Engagement

Archival as a Service: Value Creation From Data at Rest

Enabling Inclusive Growth by Democratizing Access to Opportunities in the Business 4.0 Era

Why Your Agile Team is Better Off Dispersed: The Case for Location-Independent Agile

Fending Off the FinTechs: How Agile Financial Services Firms are Transforming Their Businesses

How Retail CEOs Can Drive Agile to Grow Their Business

The Tall Task of Getting Big Companies and Government to Innovate Like Lean Startups

Effective Leadership of Agile Organizations: Building a Culture of Servant Leadership

Enterprise Agility

Enterprise Agility: Pushing Innovation to the Edge of the Organization

From Making Autos to Making Software: The Evolution of Lean and Agile

How to Make Location-Independent Agile Work

Embracing Agility Means Agility by the Business, for the Business

Agile’s Day Has Truly Arrived

Maximizing Extended Enterprise Content Solutions for Business Transformation

Powering Enterprise-Wide Transformation in the Business 4.0 Era – The IoT Way

Digital Twin – Doubling Benefits for Factories of the Future

Automation and AI enable Customer journey – The Pega way

Tips To Take the Transformation Leap

Big, Innovative and Bold behaviors for modern leadership in the digital-era of Business 4.0

Differentiating CX through Artificial Intelligence – A Customer Journey Perspective

Humans with Machines: New Delivery Paradigm for Business 4.0 Transformation

The Devil Is in the Details: Transforming Your Business in the Digital Era

Age is just a number in this era of innovation

The Steel Industry is Transforming. Are You Ready To Do the Same?

Cloud Technology Keeps Airlines Cruising Smoothly

How Technology is Making our World a more Inclusive Place

The diversity bonus: Why inclusion matters in the age of Business 4.0

Modernizing Data Management for Compliance and Growth

Driving Digital Transformation through Smart Marketing and Sales Analytics

Enabling Agility in Financial decisions


Achieving Agility with Analytics for Supply Chain

How Women are Shaping our Digital Future

3 Keys to Digital Transformation Success