Internet of Things

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Our IoT experts deliver exponential value to your business through greater experiences, visibility, and automated processes, by bridging the physical and digital in a hyper-connected ecosystem.

IoT is full of bold promise. We make it real. From connected communities and cars to intelligent monitoring, maintenance, and manufacturing, IoT empowers your enterprise for Business 4.0 transformation. We create seamless connectivity across devices, objects, and platforms to deliver rich insights to drive business transformation - both locally and globally. Our intelligent approach creates smarter businesses.

We deliver results

We offer a roadmap for change, so that you can embrace transformation rather than be disrupted. Our end-to-end approach spans strategic planning, systems design, sourcing, implementation, technical and business integration services, and post deployment support and maintenance. We deliver business and operations transformation with capabilities across various layers of the IoT ecosystem.

  • Connected

    Cross-vertical consultancy to create connectivity for monitoring, maintenance and insights, through smarter products and enabled services.

  • Industrie 4.0

    Automated processes to support emerging industries and "smart systems".

  • Smart

    Smarter operations for a connected, efficient, intelligent, and safer ecosystem for our communities.

  • Energy

    Optimized energy and utility processes with intelligent insights for a sustainable and efficient enterprise.

  • Robotics &
    Cognitive Systems

    Automated enterprises with intuitive and simplified systems built on cognitive insights.

CII Conference on Intelligent Industries

Manufacturing organizations across industries today are adopting Industry 4.0 to be more flexible and agile to meet the dynamic demands while staying relevant for the future. Join as for the CII conference on Intelligent Industries, where we will discover the technology and business enablers across four key topics: – connected assets, connected supply chain, connected workforce, and connected operations.

TCS Participation

Regu Ayyaswamy, VP & Global Head of IoT Business at TCS, will be providing the Inaugural Address on the topic: Intelligent Enterprises- FLEXIBLE, AGILE, MANUFACTURING LEVERAGING INDUSTRY 4.0 | Date – 26th July | Time – 9.40 AM | Venue: Hotel Westin, Chennai

Other Sessions by TCS Speakers:

  1. Session 1 – Connected Operations – Logathan Manickam will be speaking on the topic: Additive Manufacturing 
  2. Session 2 – Connected Supplychain – Senkathir Selvan will be speaking on the topic,  Enhancing Last mile Visibility for more efficient Supply Chains

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Translating Ideas for IoT Initiatives into Dollars & Cents

Internet of Things (IoT) technologies present businesses with unprecedented opportunities. The IoT enables companies to embed digital technology into the products they sell, creating new value streams and new aftermarkets. It drives supply chains that turn components into products and bring them to market, creating new top- and bottom-line efficiencies. It can track and reveal consumer preferences and behaviors, generating new insights and improved digital customer experiences that produce loyalty and new revenue. And that just scratches the surface.

Our advisory team

  • Regu Ayyaswamy

    Regu Ayyaswamy

    Vice President & Global Head, Internet of Things

  • Rajaravisankar Shanmugam

    Rajaravisankar Shanmugam

    Global Head, Business Development

  • Thanga Jawahar

    Thanga Jawahar

    Head, Internet of Things

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  • Analytics


    Our TCS Analytics experts help you look into the heart of your business and derive meaningful, actionable insights to execute effective, data-driven strategies. We use the latest analytics and data-driven solutions to uncover new revenue streams and business opportunities.

  • Powering Digital Transformation In The Business 4.0 Era

    Powering Digital Transformation In The Business 4.0 Era

    By combining deep contextual knowledge with cutting edge digital capabilities, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) empowers the world's leading companies to transform into future-ready enterprises.