Journey to the Business 4.0 era: Live updates from TCS at Oracle OpenWorld 2018

October 22, 2018:
‘Digital is now the ally of the business, and a key enabler in the delivery of business plans, as the cycle time drops drastically’ says GE Healthcare’s VP for Supply Chain, John Dunn.

Senior leaders from GE Healthcare, McDermott International and Scottish Water also shared key strategies that help position themselves to define the future of business and build intelligent enterprises.

Multichoice’s Patrick Graham shared insights on how TCS & Oracle are helping to develop a CX platform to support diverse sales models for mom & pop shops to e-commerce. TCS’ Ekta Sharma too explained how our collaboration with Multichoice helped in it’s digital transformation goal to move to a 100% self-serve sales model!

Wondering if sales can be transformed through UX reimagination? Yes, it can!
Proximus’ Kurt Van de Moortele shared how it did so, fueling Proximus’ growth and delivering superior CX.

A cloud-led transformation helped overcome business challenges & deliver consistent CX, says Scottish Water’s Brian Strathie. The result: 85% lesser customer complaints & 21% higher customer satisfaction!

Image: TCS Booth at OOW’18 

More live updates from the show floor and event line-up tomorrow. Stay tuned!

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